Wonderful Cafe Design in Diagonal Architecture

Dreaming for having a meeting in beautiful cafe, here we will show you the beautiful cafe design in modern concept, which was built underground. Well, it must be little bit strange for you, however it is real that which is designed perfectly in unconventional structure. This beautiful cafe was built by getting the space under ceiling stone which is designed in diagonal shape. That is totally different and unconventional in shape.

This is Cafe La Mieel designed by Suppose Design Office which is located near bellow the street level. Beautiful exterior of this architecture is able to invite many costumers to enjoy the nights in this cafe. Even many young men use it for the meeting room with their client. Simple interior in spacious space is enough to invite all of your family member to get dinner in this cafe design architecture. Surrounding by glass wall and stone wall, this beautiful café has strong character of futuristic modern café.

Beautiful ceiling in diagonal shape looks so perfect. Collaborating with the wonderful wooden material, this beautiful cafe looks so great. This cafe has beautiful terrace which is designed by pouring small stones for the subway. Meanwhile, placing the customer in two spacious volume. Beautiful good seat for the first floor is enough to bring your family there. Meanwhile, for completing the spacious space, the next volume for the seat 2 is also available for your friends.

This café is very unique with its wonderful construction. It is very good with the elegant concept of the building in diagonal shape. In other hand, we can enjoy also with the nature element for wall construction. It must be so interesting place which is designed in simple but looks so elegant. Completing by wooden chairs and minimalist table, this wonderful interior cafe design architecture makes this café keeps in tidy.

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