Wonderful Green House Design with Natural Appearance

Having a house design like green house design can make positive energy. This house design has uniqueness where the details of its design look amazing and creative. Midori Uchi is a creative designer who create amazing house with simple can elegant looking and multi level concept. Located in Canada with its all creative and innovation ideas of modern house, make this house get rewards of Home Platinum rating. It has R-2000 certificate of energy efficiency and Built Green Canada Platinum.

Modern greenhouse design ideas with high class and high economy residence features Such as Net ‘Zero design and net Zero capabilities which are amazing net house deign. States of the energy production and also conservation abilities make this house can produced energy by its self. Filtration system of Grey water, subtle, Japanese traditional inspired influence, and one residence rammed nature wall in Metro Vancouver completed this unbelievable house.

No wonder if this house get these rewards, it is because this house gives great contribution in help government to press the ecological impact. This amazing house is use combination materials that are between natural wooden material and strong concrete foundation house and the wall of that house.

Even though have three level house designs, with strong of concrete foundation this is really strong and impregnable. Each level is connected by unique wooden stairs where each pace of wood for this stairs installed a pace of steel in the middle of it.

Having lot of room such as, bedroom, bathroom, living room, lounge area, kitchen area, fireplace same with other modern house design in common. But each room in this house have different design and concept where each room will give different sensation and atmosphere also. Beautiful modern greenhouse design ideas take for each room in this house, but each room always give relax and comfort atmosphere.

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