Wonderful House Renovation With Natural Material

Using natural material for your house will make you feel more comfortable. There are many people who are interested to make their house looked interesting with natural material and modern design. If you already own a house, you can do house renovation to make it looked just like what you want. The renovation process will be easier if you already have the design which you want to use for your house new look.

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc will preset you the fascinating renovation design which will make your house more interesting. With various interesting house renovation ideas, this company is already made many clients happy. The Renovation and Addition in Wesley Heights project is one of the fantastic works which done by this company. From the outside, this house looked very natural. With brown wall and black roof, this house is matching with the trees.

There are many glass windows installed in this house. Stepping inside the house, you will see a custom interior. Hardwood floor is combined perfectly with the white ceiling and brown wall. On the back yard, you will see an open patio with wooden ceiling on top. Marble floor makes this space comfortable. Many wooden chairs with red lather are arranged beautifully around a wooden table. On the other side, there is a long table with some wooden chairs around it.

In the kitchen, you will see some wooden shelves and cabinets. A classic kitchen island is also placed in this kitchen. Some wooden stools with classic design are arranged tidily near the island. Dining room is available next to the kitchen. A long wooden table and many traditional chairs are placed around the table. Classic chandeliers are hanged above it. Next to it, there is a white bay seats window with colorful cushions on it. This awesome house renovation ideas interior will be suitable for your house.

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