Wonderful Minimalist Apartment in Sleek Interior and Furniture

To make a minimalist apartment you can start by choosing the room concept first. This concept can be about the bright or dark interior. Bright interior can be made by using the white wall whereas the dark one is by choosing the black wall paint. In Singapore an architect, the Desmond Ong, designed an apartment in simple style. Wall and flooring are decorated in sleek interior. Be prepared and have a tour!

Let’s start on its living room. This room is dominated by white color. Almost all part of the room is painted in white. This living room is located on the main room area where we can find the dining table and TV screen too. At the side of the room, there is mattress with pillows that is used for relaxing activities. This corner is close to the wide windows so you can also enjoy the outdoor view while sitting here. This minimalist apartment design has simple but comfortable interior concept.

The long brown sofa is the living room section where as the wooden table is the dining room. At sofa we can have dialog with families or friends. This spot can also be used as leisure place where you watch the TV. Bookshelf is put at the room side that is not far from the sofa. You can choose to read your book on the long sofa, the mattress, wherever you like! This apartment has a balcony with steel fences where we can see the surrounding environment.

Dining table has simple wooden design. Chairs are painted in different colors such as the beige color, brown, dark brown, or light brown. This design is simple but looks stylish. There is also kitchen with brown wooden cabinet. This cabinet has black table top. There is also washbasin for the place to wash the dishes. Bathroom in this minimalist apartment design interior is decorated in white color with wooden door material.

Image By : Desmond Ong

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