Wonderful Modern House Design: Unique Space Setting

There are so many amazing modern house creations you can find all over the world, but this Quedjinup House is something very special. This incredible modern home design is located in Australia and it is envisioned by The Rural Building. In the matter of exterior design, this house is possibly developed by using the same technique and type of design with other modern home, but the specialty of this beautiful modern home style is not lying in that part, it lies in the inner part of the house.

The modern house plans that use by this nice modern home is just the same with other creation, but the there is something special in the space setting. There are some parts of the great modern home that will able to show you the unique style of this home and one of those parts is living room design.

It is a very simple living room setting, but it supports by great eclectic furniture selection that coming in unique color scheme. The sofa is coming in brown as the color of its leather material while the other two chairs are coming in mix blue color wit orange cushion. Can you imagine what kind of color scheme that you will see in this set?

The semi outdoor dining area is also the part that will show you how beautiful this perfect modern home is. Well, the kitchen is located long way from this unique style dining room because this dining room is partially outside the house. This incredible dining area will able to give the user such a great dining experience.

The space setting of this gorgeous modern home is indeed the thing that makes this house very special. Modern house designs in Australia are able to show unique vernacular design in modern creation, which is great.

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