Wonderful Modern House with Verdant Garden

Living in a modern house can make you feel comfortable with its modern design that often comes in a practical use and clean look. The modernity can be seen right from the house exterior. The house is surrounded by vast verdant garden. The garden filled with lush vegetation such as green grasses, some shrubs and trees. They are planted in beautiful arrangement so that the garden can serve a wide room to have and close connection with the nature. You can also make a barbeque party there with the whole family.

This big house is a family residence that also has an infinity swimming pool on its courtyard. The swimming pool has stone poolside that is extruded from the stone pavement connecting the swimming pool with the house facade.

The swimming pool is surrounded by patio furniture such as some wooden sun bathing chairs with its wooden coffee table, some garden benches with its striking white color among the greenery and the grey poolside. The modern house decor that is applied on the house exterior enhances the modernity of the house.

Moving inside the house, the interior design really put its attention to the house decorations. There are so many decorations applied inside the rooms. As we can see, this house has a mini bar that has a wide variety of wine collection. The wine collections are stacked on the huge storage attached on the wall.

There are also some wine crates placed on the bottom part of the storage. This corner of the house also has a sleek bar table that is surrounded by some dark wooden colored bar stools with polka dot fuchsia colored cushions. There are some wine bottles placed on the top of the table.

The use of house decorations also embellishes the home office rooms which filled with some paintings and decorative curtains. There is also a decorative carpet that covers the wooden floor. Those modern house decor ideas give the room a nice and lovely atmosphere that will stimulate the active minds of the occupants.

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