Wonderful Natural Home Design across Natural Environment with River

This wooden residence applies the natural home design with the synchronization of its surrounding circumstances. Situated across the natural river with green surrounding circumstances, the use of natural material such as the woods arouses the absolute ecological residence.

This rustic residence depicts the different experience of wildlife background of the surrounding circumstances. Astonishing building construction reveals the combination of woods and glass. The existence of the river is perfectly utilized as the natural courtyard that brings an exciting living experience within the wild.

Stunning outlook of the wooden and glass facade evoke the gutsy natural house plans. The natural river below this house becomes a focal point of the exterior decoration. Duplex house design employs the split level building to be built above the river to connect the buildings. The big trees become the natural courtyard that brings the wildlife nuance with the refreshing river.

To connect the courtyards, simple wooden bridge brings the different outlook of the courtyard design. Glass facade showcases the natural connection between the residence and the nature. To beautify the exterior wall, the ornamented wood facade becomes a proper design to reveal the elegant outlook.

Within this residence, warm and comfortable interior applies the minimalist decoration with natural color tone. At the living room, sofa in brown is nestled with the naturalistic decoration of the marble floor and wooden ceiling. Modern fireplace with marble mantle surely strengthens the convenient living room in naturalistic decoration. Neutral private bedroom brings the compact decoration of the brick wall decoration and modern floor design.

Woods construct the elegant white bed and classic sofa. Beside it, simple wooden cabinets with white sink and marble countertop evokes the comfortable bedroom. Kitchen and dining area applies the woods to decorate the cabinets and dining table. Nestled within the bright and warm decoration of glass facade and wooden ceiling, this area brings the naturalistic experience.

Different experience is offered by this house with its natural courtyard decoration. The existence of the natural river becomes the greatest site to arouse the wildlife nuance with the surrounding natural circumstances of the trees. For giving the synchronizing building design between the exterior and interior, within this residence the wood dominates the decoration.

By supporting design of the glass facade, the comfortable and convenient residence really pleases the owner with its warm and relief area. This residence presents the wonderful style of ecological house plans by utilizing the natural circumstances of the river and surrounding trees to evoke the wildlife living experience.

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