Wonderful Panoramic View House Design in Modern-Rustic Style

Build up a house complete with panoramic view surrounding sometime hard to be realized. But, what have done by the designer of this house is exceedingly brilliant. Addressed in Mill Valley, a rustic area in North California, this private house has deliberately renewing to accentuate every detail of green landscape around it. All the section and line of this building would bring you to see every beauty in each inch of a part. Eclectic is the theme which has been selected to meet the desire and passion of the occupants.

From the outside, might be this building just looks like wooden blocked building in dark-khaki. But, when you look inside the building, you would not only be surprised but also speechless for hours. Inside this modern-rustic house design, all spaces and sections have equipped with contemporary properties and sophisticated widgets. Besides, to mate the great panoramic view house plans, both of the designer and the owner has used common house material like glass, wood and natural stone that is impressed more pure groom within.

Dining room and living room are two general mayors inside. With combination of latest decoration and traditional fixtures, these rooms are bravery outstanding as center shoot. Start from the living room, light golden suede sofa has settled in L-shape complete with sectional cushions.

Airy room is what has clearly shown in this room. No Air Conditioning, just ceiling fan, build-in fireplace and fine ventilation system that make this guest corner much comfortable to be stayed in. Besides, huge glass wall has installed just right ahead the green panorama that gives special view outside.

Now, move towards to the dining room, all the rusticity has served here. Table, chair, lamp, accessories and additional furniture are made from wood. The center look of this room is the pendant lamp above. Aluminum plaque processed-pendant lamp has assembled exact above the dining table. Again and again, glass wall has put in front of this service room to support the panoramic view home designs that have listed.

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