Wonderful Renovated House in Texas Adorned with Contemporary Furniture

Perhaps no one will suppose that this captivating Texas building is a renovated house since the appearance is totally cool. Built in a large area, the two story building is remodeled successfully. The outdoor swimming pool is fresh and elegant with the black pebble pavers. The rectangular shaped pool is created among the leafy tree and plants.

In line with the pool, small triangle shaped roof building is really cute. Beside it the maximum exclusive buildings are modern with white exterior color. The wide green grasses courtyard makes it friendly. Long wooden palette structured in vertical line looks very neat. Miro Rivera Architects develop the renovated house plans with modern concepts.

Woods can also make a house look modern and exclusive such as this dwell. Many glass windows are decorated the solid exterior cladding. It has elongated canopy that adorned with oak palette. The triangle house model is smaller and looks modest than others. Perhaps it used for public living space with white sectional sofa and mini wooden bar.

The next room is the kitchen and it is decorated in all white color with black countertop on the kitchen bar. Wooden barstools are very minimalist with the small backrest. Above it on the white ceiling color, the stylish built in lamps are very bright in the night.

Dark wooden floor shows the modern and classy style inside the remodeled home. This kitchen dimension is not much spacious but it is sufficient to cook and move. Stainless steel appliances are very sophisticated. The white cabinet with silver pullers is very stylish and elegant.

The contemporary staircase is completed with wooden treads and wooden handrail. The silver stick baluster is very smooth and exclusive with the white stringer. There is also a room that full with woody decoration, from the interior and furniture. It will surprise people while the modern renovated house designs mixed with classy woody room decor.

Image By : MirĂ³ Rivera Architects

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