Wonderful Resort Design in Bali as Four Seasons

In designing a resort design as the living pace, we can get review this resort that is located in Bali, Indonesia. This resort comes with wonderful view of the resort. It is a resort called as the Four Seasons Resort Bali. The building features some other buildings that are located in spreading place surrounded by the greenery. The resorts blend with the nature in this place.

Here are following the images of the resort. They can be described as a comfortable living space for you to choose. The resort is designed in some levels area with creamy and brown wall exterior design. The Balinese elements appear in every side by applying some statues.

From this place, we can also get the natural river views from the balcony. This resort has opened and natural balcony structured with opened swimming pool with striped wooden deck and lounge seats. We can get enjoying this scene. The pool is also applied in terraced styles.

The interior structure of this element includes the combination of wood and concrete styles. There is bedroom with great placement for use so that we can enjoy the swimming pool, river placement and natural shades. The facades are open plan.

The furniture in the bedroom includes brown couch with white bed and striped pillows. The ornaments include the existence of some wall paintings, eclectic table lamps, and other furniture applications. The other style with cool design can be seen in the living room. It is stylized by brown leather sofas with big pillows facing to round table.

Well, dealing to the design of this resort, we can find a great home design as wonderful as this building. The facilities are also important to be well. This resort can be one of the choices as destination when we are in Bali. The resort design concept architecture is chosen as the great architecture combination that can be followed.

Image By : Four Seasons Resort Bali

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