Wonderful Unique House Concept Using Volcano Landscape

Volcano landscape design can be used well to design house building style so it will look more interesting and unique in its appearance such unique house concept that is created in Volcano House project. This wonderful house design was built successfully in inactive volcano landscape located in Southern California. This house building style can be categorized into unique building architecture style because of natural landscape of inactive volcano is used well as a part of house building construction.

Dome house style is created well in this project to create unique architecture style of wonderful house building concept created. Concrete construction is applied well to design roof that is made in a dome roof style. Indirectly it will be able to create special house architecture shape that looks so wonderful. In addition, unique open concept house plans is also created perfectly in this project so it will be able to represent classic building concept that has natural and fresh condition.

Open room style is created well in this house style by applying glass wall design that is designed by using aluminum wall construction. Indirectly it will create open room style that has simple design and concept. Wooden material is applied fully to design ceiling in this interior space which it will be able to create exotic ceiling design. Artistic exposed ceiling architecture also creates artistic interior decoration that will be able to make this house interior decoration to look different with others.

Large deck design is also used well to design exterior building in this project perfectly. It is made in an artistic deck concept that is made from wooden material construction. Artistic roof style combined with artistic deck design will make house exterior decoration to look more interesting. In addition, textured concrete design used to modify dome roof actually will create interesting roof feature that looks so artistic. It can be called as modern open concept house plans that look so wonderful in its application.

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