Wonderful Unique House using Curved Walls Shape and Modern Furniture

This house which is design with unique house can be seen at the residence in Venice Beach near Los Angeles. This residence is designed by Anthony Coscia. This residence was built two story house. The building of this residence is not too big. The shape of this house looks unique.

It can be seen from the wall design. The walls are made with curve shape. The color of the walls is black and white. The terrace floors are made of large tile in black color. The columns in the terrace are square shape with white color. There are some trees near the terrace.

Beside the bricks as the material of the wall, the walls are also made of the glass material. The glass material in this unique house designs is used at the doors and also at the windows too. The railings used in the balcony are made of glass material. When enter the room, you will find the modern decoration. The glass material is also used to separate the room.

In the bedroom, there is a bed with white mattress. The floors color is black. There is a white chair put in the balcony that can be seen from the bedroom. At the fourth picture, we can see the stairs in white color. The railings used in the stairs are made of transparent glass material. There are storages under the stairs. There are two chairs put near the storages.

The luxurious design of this residence also can be seen from the side house. The using of the glass walls makes the rooms become brighter. It also makes the room looks clean. We can see all of the things from the outside house. This unique modern house designs which apply in the residence with modern furniture and also good exterior and interior makes this residence looks wonderful.

Image By : Anthony Coscia

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