Wonderful Vacation Home Surrounded by Lush Environment

This vacation home entitled as Caring Cabin is designed to provide total comfort for its residents. Surrounded by the lush forest, this retreat is undoubtedly surrounded by soothing and fresh atmosphere, as this modern retreat is perfectly isolated in a green environment. This wonderful work of TVA Architects certainly would be a great inspiration for you in designing your own holiday retreats.

As you can see, this beautiful modern retreat is designed to be perfectly hidden and isolated from the crowd of big city life. Instead, you will hear the birds chirping and sounds of the wind that will tickle your senses. The lush forest surrounding this retreat is perfectly employed as the barrier to keep the big city rush away from this holiday retreat. This special feature as part of this vacation home design will help you in keeping the curious eyes away as well.

Walking into this modern retreat, you will be welcomed by the warm and airy atmosphere that undoubtedly makes this retreat totally comfortable. Look at this beautiful kitchen and dining space, which celebrates the cozy and warm feeling from the choice of rich and warm color shades.

There, you can see the gorgeous wooden tone for the flooring as well as the beautiful dining set. See also the wooden ceiling space designed with irregular shape, which provides the spacious feeling for this cozy room. There is also large windows that will provide abundant of natural light along with the fresh green splash.

Moving to this cozy living room, just imagine how warm this space feels during the day. Celebrating the abundance of natural light coming through the glass windows, this room certainly will look totally bright during the beautiful sunny days.

You can also see the choice of gorgeous wooden floor for this room, displaying the warm and cozy feeling beautifully. Yet, this modern vacation home design allows this living room to feel even warmer and cozier through the warmth provided by the stone fireplace.

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