Woodsy Wine Cellar House Inspired by Haus am Steinberg

The HoG Architektur has been successfully accomplish the Haus am Steinberg project by remodeling a conventional cellar construction into a wine cellar house with woodsy silhouette. This house looks blend vividly with the surrounding green hill landscape. It delivers as well the shady atmosphere to the house at the same time.

In the meantime, the wooden material can hamper the breezy air flow that resulted from the natural temperature in a hilly area. The architect then wants to accentuate the contemporary nuance to this residence by painting the building with rustic yet glossy black tone. However, it still has a beautiful facade since the sloping roof which is smothered by natural sorrel color creates a unique impression.

This home owner do not have to feel worry about providing a special place for holding a gathering for family or business partner as the green grass savannah in the front of the house construction can be used for this importance. The wine cellar house plans are smartly designed with a half underground structure that is shading by a long wooden cantilever.

A black hard pipe made of metal is organized in the house yard to shed the rain water down to the ground without make the yard inundate. This house is eco friendly as well as it applies the glass rooftop and glass wall that is reinforced by black steel frame. This application can enable the natural light to enter the house inside directly so the owner does not have to switch on the lamp all day long.

Meanwhile, the wooden floor arrangement impresses the house with warm look as well as cozy nuance. You can enjoy the lovely scenery in the balcony area that is furnished by woodsy furniture. This space can be reached through the spacious kitchen area which design with modern decoration.

The architect also displays some ornamental plantations around the veranda space to strengthen the pure atmosphere to the residence. However, you can make your own wine cellar home design according to your own taste.

Image By : HoG Architektur

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