Lively Colorful House Creating Energetic Ambience

Chic Casa Seta Home Design Interior and Patio Decorated with Contemporary Furniture Used Glass Sliding Door Design Ideas

A full spirit and energetic ambience can be provided by a colorful house. That kind of house is also able to create a livelier house. Let’s take a look at a great model of this colorful home design well presented by Casa Seta House. This house is situated in Lima, Peru. Completed in 2012 this house is a great outcomes form Casa Seta House project that has been done by […]

Admirable Beautiful Courtyard to Embellish A Modern House

Appealing Wooden Glass Windows in White Painted Wall and Dark Gold Stairs in front of It Installed in New Canaan Residence

A house with a beautiful courtyard can give us a sense of welcoming atmosphere every time we go home to seek for comfort. The courtyard also can show or strengthen the personality of the house since it is the first thing that we will see from a house. The courtyard also can become the place to play or having a barbeque party with your family and friends. Therefore organizing a […]

Elegant Contemporary Residence with Green Courtyard

Captivating Gray Wooden Dining Desk with Gray Wooden Single Chairs beside Swimming Pool in White Concept Residence with Hawthorn

The Hawthorn Residence is a house that presents a well-developed contemporary residence which can be found in Hawthorn, Australia. An architectural firm named Canny, has made this beautiful house with contemporary design. This contemporary house has sleek and smooth design with bold straight line applied in its exterior design and also interior design. At a first glance the exterior of this house has made in an enormous shape with its […]

Gorgeous Big Villa with Stunning view of Pacific Ocean

Interesting Wooden Striped Centre Wall for Bedroom of the Korovesi Home Completed with Wooden Bed and Ottomans

The unforgettable holiday of your big family in with a various needs can be accommodated in a big villa. That kind of villa can be found in near Savusavu, a town that is located in Fijan, Cakudrove province. The Australian-based architectural firm, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects has undergone this villa project and resulted in a beautiful villa with huge shape situated in a slopped hill. This villa faces the Savusavu Bay. […]

Fabulous Seaside Cottage with Colorful Interior

Wonderful White Wooden Bed and Silver Turquoise Duvet Cover for Bedroom in the Seaside Cottages Maine

Staying in a seaside cottage can provide us with stunning view of the sea from the cozy and warm shelter. A cottage which can be found in Yarmouth Maine makes a great example of it. This cottage was built by Maine Cottage Furniture Company which is formerly known for its colors that inspired by the shore. That color characteristic also becomes the theme in this house which is located really […]

Inspiring Small Apartment Design to Utilize More Space

Cool White Painted Wall for Bathroom in Manhattan Micro Loft Design with White Wooden Glass Door

To utilize more space in limited living space such as the small apartment can be done in many ways. One of tips in making more space is by arrange the furniture efficiently. Now, we will observe about the design of small house that was done by a creative architect which is Specht Harpman. He created the Manhattan Micro-Loft apartment so that the residents got more area in the house. The […]

Marvelous Steel Frame in High Ceiling Home Design with Green Yard

Free Shipping House in the Casa Villa de Loreto Residence Beautified Cantilever with Pillars as Garage and Black White Painted Wall Stone

Using the steel frame for home is considered as a strong construction. The steel can sustain the building properly if it is built in the right procedure. The Group Volta, an architectural firm designed a house with high ceiling style using the steel as its window frame. They created a house that is named as the Casa Villa de Loreto. This house is addressed in San Luis Potosí, México. The […]

Astonishing Modern Home Design with Concrete and Glass Materials

Simple White Gray Island for Kitchen in the M House in Singera Beautified with White Plant Vase and Iron Stools

The design architecture of modern home is developed through the time. In this era, many people want a modern style for their house. M house that was designed by Marcel Luchian also has this kind of house style. The house project itself is located in Singera, in Chisinau, in Republic of Moldova. GIS Architecture Expo Conference is the event where the house will be presented in. This house has a […]